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We design, create, and develop unique, thoughtful, and goal-oriented WordPress websites that impress on all devices.

WordPress Agency in Berlin, Germany

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Our Berlin WordPress agency aims to achieve exceptional results with every project. We rely on sensitivity, sophistication, a deep understanding of WordPress, as well as insight into business models and target groups in order to develop strategic web projects that have that certain something, attract users and convert them into loyal customers. We don't have any assembly line websites, but only unique and targeted results that inspire and are fun. We offer the full WordPress service from Berlin and ensure security, up-to-dateness and reliable support for all questions even after the launch.

Why are we the right Berlin WordPress agency?

WordPress all-rounder in Berlin

We are an interdisciplinary and holistic thinking team made up of Design-, technology, marketing and sales experts who listen, think along, ask relevant questions and develop strategic concepts and designs based on them that are well thought-out, aesthetic and high-performance. Our high quality standards and the know-how that we have been able to collect through challenging, new and complex WordPress projects in more than a decade of working with the CMS make us a strong partner for the Web Development based on the CMS.

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01. Concepts & Prototypes

In the beginning of every collaboration, we take a deep dive into your business and its objectives. Our aim is to craft innovative and persuasive concepts for your project. We develop detailed and interactive prototypes, which provide an accurate representation of your website before programming even begins and can be easily operated. Utilizing optimized feedback processes, we ensure that every detail is in place and coordinated with you by the end of the conceptual phase. This way, misunderstandings and unforeseen additional costs are avoided later on.

Concept and prototype of a WordPress website
Design concept of a WordPress website

02. Design

With great love for detail and the highest quality standards, we create web designs, corporate designs and UX designs for companies, brands and products that impress with their recognition value, individual beauty and authenticity. As a strategic WordPress web design agency from Berlin, we attach particular importance to understanding your company, your target group and your business goals in order to start in the right places and develop holistic solutions that inspire users and customers and offer real added value.

03. Development

Through our years of experience and specialization in WordPress, we are able to achieve almost limitless customization. In addition to Development of plugins and themes We create website, shop, app and tool solutions based on the CMS system that run smoothly on all devices. We advise you on technical issues and create well thought-out concepts for solutions of any size and complexity, which we implement cleanly and in accordance with current web standards. With our team of backend and frontend developers, you have a strong partner at your side who offers you all services from a single source.

Development & programming of a responsive WordPress website
Automated process representation of a WordPress website

04. Optimization

As a WordPress agency in Berlin, we know exactly what makes a technically and design-wise good website and what really convinces visitors. We ensure that all important data is measured, then analyze it in detail and create a plan based on this in order to deliver the best possible results. Our range of services includes, for example, optimizations in the areas of performance, conversions and responsiveness.

05. WooCommerce

With the e-commerce plugin “WooCommerce” For WordPress, the CMS provides the optimal foundation for a successful online store. Many major brands already take advantage, with nearly a third of all online shops worldwide using the plugin to sell products online – a growing trend. We design and develop for you a WooCommerce store that not only looks great, but also achieves noticeably higher conversions, runs smoothly, and simplifies your tedious tasks. Our range of services also includes custom extensions, optimizations, interfaces, and more.

View of a WooCommerce WordPress website
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Web design agency BxW from Berlin, Germany

Domain, Emails, Maintenance and much more.

Do you need help setting up your domain or email inboxes? Or with the maintenance and security of your WordPress website? We offer an all-round, worry-free service.

Support for your Existing Website

Do you have a website and just want to hand over some work to us? Maybe you also need help maintaining your website or optimizing your loading times and conversions? We would be happy to assist you.

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WordPress agency in Berlin

Strategic Web Design
As an interdisciplinary and holistically thinking team, the target group and the business model play a particularly important role for us in addition to design, technology, marketing and brand. In a joint introductory meeting, we listen to your problems, ideas and concepts, carry out detailed analyses and concentrate on creating added value during implementation - for your users, customers, employees and for your company.
Responsive Web Design, i.e. the correct adjustment of the website to the screen sizes of all common end devices, is a self-evident measure for us that is implemented in every WordPress project. For each section on the website, we think carefully about how we can achieve the optimal user experience on all displays and create design concepts for different formats, which are adopted 1:1 in the subsequent development.
Good web design focuses on the user, which is why the user experience (User experience) is crucial for the success of a website. The user must feel at ease from the very first visit, navigating through a clear structure and user-friendly interface, as well as uncomplicated and short paths to quickly and effortlessly reach their destination. We ensure that the user's journey is pleasant, seamless, and goal-oriented.
Hacking attacks or data theft are crucial and ever-present issues today, which will become even more significant in the future. As a highly skilled web design agency, we understand the essentials of security. We guarantee clean and seamless code and continue to maintain it even after the launch with an optimized Maintenance Process taking great care of your website.
With us, uniqueness takes precedence over mass-produced items. Design is our passion, and it's evident in our work. We develop one-of-a-kind and captivating WordPress projects that exude expertise, professionalism, trust, and contemporary flair, all while maintaining a true sense of recognition value.
As a modern web design agency, we see it as our vital responsibility to keep up with the times, grasp new technologies, and implement them effectively. With us, you won't receive outdated methods. Instead, you get cutting-edge and future-proof solutions, crafted with foresight. Our WordPress projects are always built on the latest web technologies, adhering to the most recent quality guidelines as well.
Compelling Performance
The speed of a WordPress website depends on many factors. Often, long loading times come from an overload of extensions. Using a feature-heavy theme or installing numerous plugins causes the user's browser to load more code, which negatively impacts performance. We focus on using extensions wisely, maintaining lean code, and adhering to tried-and-true performance measures. Our goal is to create fast and seamless WordPress projects that feel great to use.

Foreseeing technical planning is crucial for the lasting success of a WordPress project. That's why, from the very start, we place great importance on clarifying all technical aspects. In doing so, we develop a solution that encompasses future technical and business developments and challenges. On this foundation, we create a system that is modular and scalable in the long term. This helps keep costs low and maintain a wide range of opportunities for the future.

Search engine optimized websites are indispensable in today's internet landscape. As WordPress providers, we know precisely what it takes to optimize websites for search engines. That's why we deliver only SEO-friendly websites and gladly assist with the on-page optimization, paying attention to every little detail. In this way, the foundation for a successful SEO strategy is laid, allowing you to sustainably increase your visitor numbers and expand your customer base.
Nothing is more important than the security of your website and data. Many companies underestimate the problem and only start investing when it is already too late. We implement effective security and security measures for your WordPress project after the launch Maintenance Measures around and ensure with clean coding, regular updates, and externally secured backups that attackers have no surface to exploit.
Browser compatibility also plays a particularly important role in the success of a WordPress project and is an integral part of our web design process. With the help of suitable software, we simulate calls from different devices, browsers and browser versions to ensure that your new website is convincing in all browsers.

Transparency and honesty are two important points for a successful and long-term cooperation. That is why close contact with our customers is particularly important to us in order to keep them up to date and to avoid misunderstandings. Depending on the project requirements, regular reports are also included.

WordPress & GDPR

Data protection compliant

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018, there have been significant changes for businesses in the digital world. We're here to help you comply with privacy regulations. When necessary, we collaborate with data protection experts to provide guidance, preventing potential issues down the road.

WordPress Relaunch

Are you Planning a Relaunch Using WordPress?

We take your corporate presence to the next level by optimizing your conversions, ensuring the right implementation from an SEO point of view and creating a unique and intuitive user experience that inspires users and guides them along the customer journey in a targeted manner.

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FAQ on the Topic • WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) used by over 33% of all websites worldwide. It's especially popular because it's easy to use and offers many features to build professional websites quickly and efficiently. With WordPress, users can easily add, edit, and publish content without needing any coding knowledge. Thanks to the large developer community, there are also many extensions that make the CMS even more flexible and adaptable. In a nutshell, WordPress is a great choice for businesses that need a user-friendly, future-ready, and adaptable website.

WordPress is an open source project and is available to all users free of charge. Since the content management system is operated on its own server, only the web hosting fees have to be paid for use. While there are countless free themes and plugins for WordPress, there are also paid extensions in the ecosystem, which often offer more features and security, are better programmed and are regularly updated and expanded.

We've been working with WordPress since 2010 and have successfully completed over 100 projects of all sizes and shapes to this day. Not only that, we know the system inside and out. We customize it according to our vision using our own plugins and features.

Across the globe, about one-third of all websites are built on WordPress. Even in the E-Commerce industry, 28% of all online shops now rely on the plugin WooCommerce, making WordPress the undisputed market leader today. With a vast developer community, exceptional flexibility, and a multitude of functions, WordPress provides us as a Web Agency with every opportunity for professional, high-quality, and efficient implementation of small as well as large and complex digital projects.

The number one reason for maintaining a website is that Security and data protection. Hackers target websites that are not up to date and therefore have security gaps. This can go so far that they gain access to other critical areas through information on the web server and thus have the opportunity to cause significantly greater damage. For this and many other reasons, regular updates and ensuring a clean and functioning system are particularly important for companies.

With our service packages for WordPress, we offer our customers bundled offers at a fixed price, which includes the hosting, performance and data protection package as well as our comprehensive maintenance package.

If you are satisfied with your current corporate and web design and only want to switch to WordPress, we can of course adopt the current design 1:1. Since honest communication is important to us and the recognition of potential is an essential part of our work, we are still happy to make an analysis and sensible suggestions if necessary. more on the subject You can find out more about the website relaunch here in our knowledge base.

We support many of our customers in digitizing and automating recurring tasks. It's not just about processes for Employees and customers within WordPress, but also about the connection and synchronization with multiple systems and the correct handling of the data.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, such as flexibility, limitless expandability and cost-efficiency, WordPress offers many other advantages. This includes regular updates, expandable security measures, a constantly growing community that makes the system better around the clock, or the optimal design for content marketing and search engine optimization. If you want to know more about the advantages of WordPress, we recommend you this article to read.

Indeed, the versatile WordPress is a popular CMS for good reason, but other systems also have their advantages in specific areas compared to the market leader. With a self-hosted WordPress installation, you're responsible for updates, backups, and security. However, there's no need to worry about this if you work diligently and maintain the website regularly. In the case of complex requirements, such as data-intensive projects or applications, we recommend alternative systems or frameworks that better fulfill particular tasks.

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