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Web Design Agency in Berlin

We design and develop bespoke, target group-focused web projects of all sizes and complexities. They are goal-oriented and truly captivating.

Web Design Agency in Berlin

BxW - The Right Partner

Truly good web design is for us more than just aesthetic, intuitive, and with technical cleanliness. It must create real experiences. Most importantly, it has to be genuine, sophisticated, and thoughtfully integrated. Starting with the choice of bold colors and shapes. Moving to a user-oriented structure and operation. Concluding with strategies for optimizing the conversion rate or processes. We integrate all essential aspects into our concepts. This, in order to bring forth true added value for you and your users.

Web Design with WOW Effect

With Strategy & Attention to Detail

Web design is our passion.

What sets us apart as a web design agency?

Our experts in strategy, design, development, marketing, and digitalization place great importance on considering projects as a whole. They take aspects like business models, target audience, and scalability of solutions into account as essential components in their ideas and work. As a multi-award-winning design team, we develop target group-oriented and sustainable web designs that have that special touch and elevate your brand to new heights. We ensure that your business presence creates trust, has a unique recognition value, engages users to interact, and ultimately converts them into loyal customers.

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Our maintenance packages

Through regular updates, checks, backups and security measures, we ensure up-to-date and secure WordPress websites that are protected from attackers.

High performance hosting

With the aim of delivering the best possible server performance, we offer our customers hosting on our powerful servers in Germany, including extensive firewall protection.

Our Ambition as a Web Design Agency

New & Suitable Technologies

As a full service web design agency, we plan and program projects of all sizes and complexities. Depending on the requirements, we consult with our clients on system-related matters, and with a focus on user-friendliness, seamless integration, and future-readiness, we select the optimal solution. Efficiency, performance, and scalability are equally important to us as well.

Modularity and Scalability

We place great importance on clarifying all vital details before the concept phase begins, so we can proactively plan and anticipate long-term technical and business developments and challenges. With this foundation, we design a system that is durable, modular, and scalable, to keep future costs low and opportunities open.

SEO optimized

For many of our customers, SEO is a crucial marketing channel. An increasingly significant factor in the algorithms of Google & Co. is not just the content, but also the user experience. After all, nobody enjoys a slow or difficult-to-navigate website. Besides creating an SEO-friendly implementation of your website, we also ensure that both users and search engines will adore and recommend it.


Hacking attacks or data theft are crucial and ever-present issues today, which will become even more significant in the future. As a highly skilled web design agency, we understand the essentials of security. We guarantee clean and seamless code and continue to maintain it even after the launch with an optimized Maintenance Process taking great care of your website.

Browser Compatibility

A website that excels in all common browsers and on every device is a natural expectation from us. Each of our projects undergoes rigorous quality assurance, which includes cross-browser testing. This enables us to swiftly assess web projects for browser compatibility and then fine-tune them down to the smallest detail.


Sustainable web design for us means your website works, performs, shines, and convinces even after ten years. Our goal is to ensure our projects are both technically and creatively digital trailblazers in your industry. We're eager to explore new and innovative paths alongside our clients, staying ahead of the competition. 

Design Web Design Agency Berlin

Unique & Aesthetic Designs

Web Design is our passion, we design with heart and intellect. That's why we believe in: Uniqueness over mass-produced goods. We create bespoke and visually appealing designs for you, which excel on devices of all sizes, captivate users, and present brands as fresh, genuine, and trustworthy.

Web Design Agency Berlin, Custom Homepage Creation, Websites

Goal-driven and user-focused web design

User experience holds paramount importance in our web design process, necessitating well-conceived concepts that showcase complex content in a structured, straightforward, and goal-oriented manner. We immerse ourselves in your business and target audience, breaking down all the input and crafting unique and purpose-driven user experienceswho attract, bind and sell.

Web Design Agency Berlin, Custom Homepage Creation, Websites

Smart Concepts

Our strength: We have in our Berlin Agency not just experts in web design, programming, and marketing, but also strategists focused on business aspects. We view our client projects from all angles and, based on that, develop strategically clever concepts that have a long-lasting and significantly positive impact on all target areas.

Web Design - Responsive Web Design Agency Berlin, Germany

Responsive web design

Optimizing your website for mobile devices is a no-brainer for us in this era of Mobile-First. Today, over 50% of Google search queries are made using smartphones, and that number is rapidly increasing. That's why Google strongly favors mobile-optimized websites. Through automatic responsive tests, we ensure that your website looks great and loads quickly on all devices.

Web Design Agency Berlin, Custom Homepage Creation, Websites

Top performance

A strong performance cannot be underestimated for digital success. Each additional second of load time means more departing visitors, resulting in lower revenue. As a goal-driven and technically proficient Web design agency, good performance is an absolute must-have for our Web Projects. With sensible measures and regular monitoring, we ensure consistently good performance.

Our websites...

First impressions matter, and this is true for web projects as well. Our clients' projects, after launching their new websites with the help of BxW agency, experienced reduced bounce rates, increased page views, and longer dwell time. Visitors and potential customers engage more deeply with the brand and interact with it more frequently.

Every web-project has a specific goal in mind, whether it's increasing sales, inquiries, or phone calls. As a web design agency, our primary responsibility is to precisely measure these objectives and attain them through the appropriate strategies. Our clients have witnessed significant growth in conversions and revenue with their new websites, with some even experiencing a substantial boost.

Well-designed and thought-out websites are more likely to be recommended by friends and colleagues, in. social networks shared or linked to other websites. Our customer projects can not only increase traffic in the long term, but also achieve better results in search engines such as Google and thus ensure a sustainable stream of qualified visitors.

Websites not appealing, poorly structured, or faulty cause users to leave early. They forget them forever. Goodness lies in truly engaging sites, well organized, free from defects. corporate & Web design exudes professionalism, trustworthiness, credibility, expertise, and a contemporary vibe, which is essential in today's world, as your website serves as the digital face of your business. This instills confidence in visitors or potential clients, leading to a significant increase in interactions and conversions.

Good web design focuses on the essentials, effortlessly guiding the user's gaze and providing clear structures. A website must give users a quick overview and lead them to their goal via the shortest routes. Aspects such as speed, error rate, and responsiveness are also crucial. Our commitment to quality ensures our customer projects excel in all areas, as reflected in various KPIs.

And last but not least: the emotions. Scientific studies* show that websites arouse feelings in the user, which are decisive for the perception of your brand and the buying behavior. With our know-how, we want to turn every customer project into an experience in its own way and specifically arouse positive emotions in visitors in order to achieve long-term business goals.

Do you want to start a project with WordPress or do you have technically complex requirements?  Learn more about us as wordpress & Web Design Agency

Why good web design is worth investing in.

Your Project is in Good Hands

With individual & user-oriented designs, we ensure that your company presence attracts and retains customers, makes an extraordinary impression and, above all, creates real added value - for your brand and your users!

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FAQs on the Topic of Web Design

Do you also offer website maintenance?

In our comprehensive service packages, our dependable and Optimized maintenance process an integral part and includes not only regular updates, external backups, security measures and checks, but also quality assurance after updates and the correction of errors. Find out more on our Service Packages Page.

How much do your services cost as a web design agency?

Each web project must be viewed and evaluated individually. We don't offer websites off the assembly line, but want to develop individual designs and solutions with creative and goal-oriented ideas that will make your company's presence shine. Since every project has different requirements, requirements and goals, we cannot give a blanket answer as to how high the prices for our web designs are. However, you can find out everything you need to know about the topic in the following Knowledge Base article: Web design prices


Why is the maintenance and upkeep of a website so important?

Arguably the most important reason for maintaining a website is that Security and data protection. Hackers target websites that are not up to date and therefore have security gaps. For this reason, regular updating and ensuring a clean and functioning system is particularly important for companies. But also the topicality or the uncomplicated implementation of further developments and bug fixes are two of many other reasons for this. It's a good idea for any business to have a professional on their side who can quickly help with problems and make sure everything is backed up and up-to-date. Learn more about WordPress maintenance.

Do you offer a website maintenance contract?

In our comprehensive service packages, our reliable and streamlined maintenance process is a core component. It includes regular updates, external backups, security measures and assessments, quality assurance after updates, and troubleshooting. Through our customer portal, you can easily book a maintenance package with monthly or annual payments. We take care of the rest. Learn more on our Service Packages page.

What is responsive web design and why is it so important?

At Responsive web design is about the correct display of your website on end devices of all sizes. The topic is becoming increasingly important because people are now using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets more often to research or buy products. Google has also recognized this and switched its index to mobile-first. This means that websites that load quickly and are displayed correctly on mobile devices are preferred and ranked higher by the search engine. Responsive web design is indispensable today and is mandatory for every website for a variety of reasons.

What is the conversion rate and why is it so important in web design?

The Conversion Rate is a term from the marketing world, holding significant weight in Webdesign as well. Essentially, it represents the success rate, which in the digital sphere means that with 100 visitors and one purchase, the Conversion Rate is at one percent. As a Webdesign agency, we ensure that the crucial KPIs are measured and, based on the data, the right optimizations are implemented in the appropriate areas.

What about web design for online shops? Which systems do you work with?

We cater to all sizes and shapes of digital projects, which of course includes online stores. From the initial prototype, through development, to marketing and boosting revenue, we're here to support your e-commerce project from start to finish. Our preferred platform for online stores is WordPress ("WooCommerce) and Shopify because these systems have proven themselves the most for our customers.

Do you create GDPR-compliant websites?

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in 2018, a lot has changed for companies in the digital space. We create GDPR-compliant websites and bring in external experts if you need advice to ensure data protection on your website. With our data protection package, we ensure that your legal texts are secure on the website and carry out regular checks so that everything is technically compliant at all times.

Who are your Web design clients? Besides Berlin, do you work in other locations?

Our customers include small, medium-sized, large and well-known companies, as well as clubs and non-profit organizations. Most of our customers are based in Germany, but we also serve companies inside and outside the EU borders.

Can I test your work before it really gets underway?

If uncertain, feel free to test our work by starting with an initial design concept for the homepage. We generally recommend reaching out to multiple preferred web design agencies and allocating a portion of your budget to get a brief glimpse into each. Since it's often a crucial and long-term decision, it's essential to have a clear understanding of communication and work quality beforehand.

How long does it take to create a website?

For assessing the planning and development duration of a website, individual requirements are crucial. However, to put it briefly: For less complex web projects with just a few subpages, we have, when pressed for time and resources were available, carried out a launch within 7 – 10 days. In most instances, the entire process, including consultation, customized prototypes, feedback loops, technical implementation, quality checks, and going live, takes several weeks to months.

What defines professional web design?

A professional web design should be user-friendly, engaging, and goal-driven, effectively conveying content in a clear and organized manner, featuring a well-defined structure and enticing users to interact. With distinct layouts, coordinated colors, fonts, and images, as well as intuitive navigation, the user should feel at ease and connected with the brand. Solid web design positions a brand as dependable, genuine, and reputable, boosting conversions and impressing with its performance and responsive design.

Can we update the content on our own after the web design is completed?

In most cases, our customers desire a simple way to visually edit their content, which we’re more than happy to provide. Typically, we also train our customer's staff during the launch phase, ensuring they can efficiently and effortlessly manage and edit the website's data, media, and content.

How important is an SEO-friendly web design for a website's ranking?

Search engines crawl websites and evaluate them based on factors like content, technical quality, user-friendliness, and relevance. A web design optimized for these factors helps sites rank higher in search results, making them more accessible to users. This includes user-friendly navigation, quick loading times, mobile optimization, and well-organized, relevant content. An SEO-friendly web design is crucial for enhancing a website's visibility and boosting its traffic.

What do your web design concepts look like?

Our web design concepts are created by our team using special design tools dedicated to designing digital projects. In this way, we give our customers the opportunity to see their finished website in detail as a prototype, to operate it and to submit change requests directly via comments before development begins. For larger or more complex projects, we also create a technical concept in addition to the creative concept.

We Appreciate the Excellent Collaboration.

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