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We recognize potential based on empathy and data, develop well thought-out UX designs and create unique, intuitive and result-oriented user experiences with attention to detail.

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As a Berlin-based design agency with a digital focus, we help companies develop UI/UX designs that resonate with users and deliver results - emotionally and based on data. Depending on the requirements, we carry out extensive analyses and tests in order to develop fact-based, well-thought-out and at the same time fresh ideas that take into account not only the target group, the market or the aesthetics, but also the business model and the associated long-term goals.

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User interface and user experience design require consideration from different perspectives in order to consider all cases, anticipate future developments and problems and develop a result that leads to lasting success. In our Berlin design agency, we are a well-coordinated team from the areas of strategy, design, development and marketing that uses its concentrated expertise to develop unique designs and user experiences that (potential) customers and employees will love.

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Interactive Prototypes
Based on thorough research and analysis, we develop prototypes for your project that map your digital product down to the smallest detail even before development begins. Through interactive functions, we ensure that it can be operated during the concept phase, giving us the opportunity to analyze and optimize the user experience through thorough user tests in this step.
Before we start working on your project, it is important for us to understand your problems, wishes and ideas in detail. Only after it is clear who you are, where you want to go, what your business model looks like and who your target group is, do we start developing design concepts that, with joint feedback loops, lead early and efficiently to a result that you and your users will like.
With Sensivity
Besides all data and optimizations, aesthetics hold great importance as well. As passionate designers, we don't churn out cookie-cutter results, but craft extraordinary projects that are visually appealing, immersive, and intuitive, making them a delight to use.
Since we have extensive and detailed experience in technical development through the programming of complex digital projects, we know exactly where to start in order to ensure efficient implementation based on the UX design prototypes. Well thought-out planning by our well-rehearsed team can later save a lot of time and money, especially with technically complex topics.

FAQ on the Topic • UX / UI Design

To measure the success of a UI / UX design, we apply different methods depending on their meaningfulness and requirements. Starting with the comparison of conversion rates, bounce rates, and dwell time, through surveys of users to measure satisfaction, to usability tests and the use of benchmarking data for comparing results, we employ various methods to gauge the success of our designs.

An effective way to check the usability of a design is user testing. By observing, recording, or surveying a user's behavior, the intuitiveness and user experience of a design can be measured and improved. There are different types of such tests eg lab tests, remote tests, usability walkthroughs that encourage users to express their opinions while completing a specific task. A/B testing and online surveys are also widely used to find out if a certain feature or look and feel in a UX/UI design is user-friendly.

A/B testing is an experimental approach to measuring the performance of two versions of a product or service. It's often used in software development, UI and UX design, as well as marketing. The A/B testing method can be applied in various scenarios, such as testing user interfaces, landing pages, and websites. This helps to find the best version, based on data, for customers, internal company processes, and technical workflows.

UX Designs focus on the experience of the user, while UI Designs center on the appearance of the product. UX Design involves a thorough examination of the product from the perspective of the user. It encompasses a series of activities aimed at improving user-friendliness, user experience, and user behavior. On the other hand, UI Design is concerned with the aesthetics and visual representation of an application. It involves creating and refining visual elements, such as color palettes, fonts, images, and buttons. UI Designers are responsible for ensuring that the design of the system is intuitive, appealing, visually attractive, and maintains visual consistency.

UI design is the visual component of the user experience that focuses on the user interface, layout and interactions with the product. It involves the development of user-friendly and intuitive designs based on the needs of the user. While UI design focuses more on the visual, user experience is more about the feeling and experience of using an interface.

UX design stands for User Experience Design and is an interdisciplinary approach that combines design, technology, psychology and communication to create an optimal user experience. With the help of analyzes and usability tests, user experiences for products, services and processes are created and optimized. In addition to aesthetics and structure, user-friendliness, processes and efficiency of interactions as well as the success of the product are taken into account. The goal is an intuitive and positive user experience that leaves the customer with a good feeling.

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