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Did you know that lesser-known websites of small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly becoming targets of tens of thousands of cyber-attacks daily? This can impact not only the performance, accessibility, and security of your website, but also put your visitors and employees at risk, as well as data both inside and outside your web-server.

It was all the more important to us to put together fixed and calculable packages, especially for WordPress websites, which ensure comprehensive security in all areas. The result is our service packages, which meet the highest standards in terms of quality, scope and reliability. 

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Our Service Packages

You can sit back and be sure that you are putting your project in the hands of a professional and reliable WordPress agency that knows their stuff.
Maintenance Package

BxW Maintenance Package

Secure, protected, and up-to-date WordPress websites

Among other things, our maintenance packages include the following services

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  • Reliable and organized maintenance
  • Regular and careful checking of all important areas for functionality and errors
  • Immediate problem solving after updates –
  • No annoying emails, offers, or assessments
  • External, secure backup server
  • Effective and comprehensive protection against cyber attacks
  • More performance for less money through optimized processes

Hosting Package

BxW Hosting Package

Managed WordPress performance hosting with extensive firewall protection

Services & Benefits

Receive a direct link to the complete offer including prices.

Performance Package

(Coming soon)

BxW Performance Package

A Package for the Most Effective WordPress Performance Strategies – Including Monitoring

Services & Benefits

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With our service packages, we provide a range of essential services at predictable prices. These services have become more cost-effective and comprehensive thanks to significant improvements in our processes. We place a high priority on continually expanding and refining our packages. Our aim is not only to ensure maximum security and performance for our customers but also to establish greater transparency. We are committed to staying abreast of the latest technology.

We Appreciate the Excellent Collaboration.

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