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Comprehensive WordPress Maintenance

As a Full Service WordPress Agency, we offer a variety of Service Packages Around the CMS we offer solutions to enhance performance, security, and ensure up-to-date content. Part of this is our optimized maintenance package. We have put together a comprehensive and predictable offering that adheres to the highest quality and security standards.

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Why are we the right choice for managing your WordPress website?

With us, you receive not just a reliable and optimized maintenance process performed by WordPress experts. We are a team that thinks holistically, encompassing strategy, design, development, and online marketing. With our comprehensive and goal-oriented support in all creative and digital areas, you can sit back and trust that you've got an agency by your side, one that truly understands its craft.

Thorough and Comprehensive WordPress Maintenance

Our maintenance packages include:


Keeping a WordPress installation up to date is particularly important for security. We reliably update your entire WordPress system, including all extensions, at regular intervals.

Quality & Functionality Checks

Updates can cause problems, for example due to incompatibility of plugins or because the updated code is faulty. It is therefore particularly important to us to carefully check different areas of your website for correctness and functionality after each update.

Immediate Issue Resolution

Should errors occur after updates, we promptly address and fix the issues. Each package includes a sufficient amount of inclusive minutes for this purpose, allowing us to successfully avoid extra emails, effort estimations, and costs – particularly for cleanly programmed or WordPress projects developed by us.


The continuous backup of WordPress projects is an absolute must for a variety of reasons. We ensure that your website is regularly backed up completely on an external server with special security rules.

Security Measures

To protect your WordPress instance from attacks, we set up comprehensive security measures. This includes protection against brute force attacks, automatic scans, secure user access, bad bot blocking, security logging, a security dashboard and more.

Security Checks & Monitoring

We regularly check the security protocol. We monitor various aspects of the system using our monitoring tools and investigate any suspicious activities. Minor actions are handled by us directly, while for critical issues, you'll be notified immediately. Rest assured that we'll resolve the problem.

WordPress Maintenance Package

Get a direct link to our WordPress maintenance package, complete with pricing details.

Why us?

Extensive technical know-how

We have been working with them every day for more than ten years WordPress. Through increasingly complex challenges, we became intimately familiar with the CMS, which is why we now possess the expertise to not only create websites with WordPress, but also to enhance and customize the system to suit our needs perfectly. Thus, we currently develop comprehensive WordPress extensions, mobile applications, and entire Software Applications, which are based on the Content Management System. We live and breathe WordPress – Technical limitations simply don't exist for us.

Our Fixed-Price Service Packages

More Service Packages

Alongside our maintenance bundle, we offer additional packages for Managed WordPress Hosting and faster loading times.

FAQs on WordPress Maintenance

Why is proper maintenance of WordPress so important?

Maintaining WordPress is crucial not only for the up-to-date nature, stability, and security of your website, but also for your systems and data beyond the web server. For access to sensitive information can serve as a gateway, putting other areas of your enterprise at risk and significantly increasing potential harm – for employees, customers, and users alike. We take this matter very seriously, and for this reason, we've introduced our comprehensive maintenance package that covers all key areas. In conjunction with our WordPress Hosting package, we provide an added layer of security at the server level. and more benefits.

What is the advantage of combining maintenance with the WordPress hosting package?

Our servers are powerful and optimized for WordPress projects. We not only deliver maximum Performance, but also more security. Through regular monitoring and a strong firewall at server level, we protect your website comprehensively and reliably in connection with maintenance. In addition to other advantages such as mirroring your project for secure implementation of updates, we also offer a 50% discount on hosting if you order it as a complete package with maintenance. 

Why are update cycles that are too short not always advisable?

Behind every WordPress extension, there's usually a different developer team. Depending on capacity, activity, and expertise, issues may arise, like incompatibilities between plugins or flawed versions being provided. If it's not about critical updates, we recommend waiting a few days. This allows the developers to receive feedback from users and, if necessary, offer an improved update version for download. Additionally, it's important to use extensions created by trustworthy and competent teams from the get-go. 

How do you handle critical updates?

Critical updates are carried out promptly, even outside of update intervals, and are thoroughly checked by us. To ensure important updates aren't missed and vulnerabilities are quickly addressed, we've implemented an additional notification system. This system automatically scans each maintenance project on our servers for critical updates.

Is the resolution of errors that may occur after updates fully included?

If problems arise from updates or developer teams, we'll take care of the issue or wait for a new and improved version of the extension. If problems stem from poor development, use of outdated plugins or other individual reasons, fixes won't be achieved through updates. In such cases, a detailed error analysis is needed, along with modifications or new development of functions.

What happens if problems arise during maintenance?

Maintenance projects hosted on our servers are mirrored in a new environment, updated, and only integrated into the live environment after successful error checking. For externally hosted WordPress projects, mirroring is not simply possible because the individual server environment plays an important role for compatibility. For this reason, we perform updates during times with fewer visitors and promptly inspect the website for any issues. Depending on the problem and its severity, we either address it immediately or restore the previously created backup, waiting for an improved version of the extension. 

Do you also provide support and maintenance for WordPress?

As a Full Service WordPress Agency, we're here to tackle all aspects related to the CMS. Along with support and maintenance, we also provide top-notch development work. Custom features, add-ons as well as corporate designs, Web Designs or UX designs

Where are the backups stored?

The backups are stored on additionally secured storage instances on German servers provided by Hetzner. 

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