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Did you know that increasingly less-visited websites owned by small and medium-sized businesses are becoming the target of tens of thousands of cyber attacks every day? This can not only affect the performance, accessibility and security of your website, but also endanger your visitors and employees as well as your data inside and outside your web server. It was all the more important to us to put together fixed and calculable packages, especially for WordPress websites, which ensure comprehensive security in all areas. The result is our service packages, which meet the highest standards in terms of quality, scope and reliability.
WordPress Maintenance & Support Agency in Berlin, Germany

Services in our maintenance package

All-around worry-free.


We make sure that your WordPress website is always up to date. Our team carries out regular and reliable updates of the entire system including all extensions to close potential security gaps and ensure optimal performance.

quality controls

Updates are often associated with challenges, for example through incompatibility of WordPress plugins. We therefore attach great importance to carefully checking various areas of your website for correctness and functionality after each update process.

Direct troubleshooting

If, despite all precautionary measures, errors occur after updates, we will take care of the immediate correction. With our shared troubleshooting system* and sufficient inclusive minutes, we avoid additional emails, offers and costs. 

Secure backups

The protection of your data is our top priority. That is why we regularly create full backups of your website and store them with our hosting partner on specially secured backup servers located in Germany (Frankfurt).

Security & Monitoring

We rely on comprehensive security measures to protect your WordPress website from attacks. In addition, we conduct regular security reviews to detect and deal with suspicious activity early on.

High performance hosting

For the best possible performance, your WordPress website gets the full power of a dedicated server with our powerful servers, and at a fraction of the price. Our firewall and our monitoring process at server level ensure additional security.


Benefits of a professional
maintained WordPress website

Reliable and organized maintenance

Quality assurance after updates

Immediate problem solving after updates

Extensive security measures & monitoring

Strong servers located in Germany

Monthly reports & documentation

Complete backup & management of the move

Contact person for all WordPress & website topics

maintenance packages

Quality and price in harmony.

One-time setup fee: 200€
All prices do not include VAT.

High performance hosting

Your advantages with our hosting offer

Optimal performance

With only a few projects per server, an optimized architecture for WordPress and powerful hardware of the latest generation, projects hosted by us achieve maximum performance by providing large amounts of resources.


Unlike typical hosters who push their servers to the limit, we keep a significant portion of our resources free. This extra space not only guarantees consistently fast loading times, but also consistently reliable operation of your website.

More safety

With additional security measures and regular monitoring at server level, we ensure improved protection of your website and your data. In an emergency, such as cyber attacks, we have full control and can defend against attacks in a targeted manner.

Optimized maintenance

By using AI technology on our servers and a secure update process within a staging environment, we can update more frequently, faster and more extensively.

Expert server management

Our hosting experts take care of the administration and maintenance of the servers. We monitor performance, perform security updates and continuously optimize server configuration.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

On request, we can connect a CDN service such as Cloudflare to further reduce the loading times of your website and improve global accessibility. At the same time, CDN services give us further options for securing your web presence.

... and it's all in ours maintenance packages included

We Appreciate the Excellent Collaboration.

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